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Pictures for the kitchen or how to make the interior cozy.

Pictures for the kitchen or how to make the interior cozy.

Kitchen - one of the main core of rooms in our homes. A lot of time we spend on it. Because every woman wants the kitchen was well-planned and properly. And for the countries of the former Soviet Union, a small kitchen - this is no exception, but rather a given.
In this article I want to talk about how you can make a kitchen convenient arrangement, or a kitchen design - comfortable. Even if you have a small kitchen.

How to arrange the interior of a small kitchen?

The kitchen and even a little, you start with zoning. Zones, usually two - dining area and kitchenette. The most appropriate solution would be to place closer to the window area dining, and in the room - or kitchen work area.
Most important to the kitchen work area has been properly planned and equipped compact, taking into account the habits and size of the apartment owners. Have you met before such an assertion, that the layout of the kitchen can be a six-species? Here we need your letters and imagination ?: you can do the work area L-shaped, linear, alternate line, G-shaped, island and U-shaped line (imagine an appropriate arrangement of the letters of furniture). There is an opinion about the so-called "work triangle" consisting of a gas stove, sink and refrigerator. When the movement of workers within this triangle is nothing to prevent, if any plan is correct.

Many small kitchens owner complain that their 6, 7 or 8 square feet is difficult to disperse together, but not that apply to some interesting style. However, be daring, if not to look at all that you have in the kitchen as an insoluble problem, and have support from family, a few bold ideas will help transform even the smallest kitchen.

The story of small kitchens in the Soviet Union.

If you dive into the story, what do you think where it came from such a small square with the kitchen? It turns out that in the mid-20th century by the special studies have estimated the average square the kitchen. That is, calculated the average height of the workplace, working conditions and the average standing height of European women. Timeout - 850 mm, and then it became the accepted size.
There is another hypothesis that the Soviet government was not profitable for people to gather in the kitchen in large quantities. After all, a kitchen, it is also a place of communication and address important issues that affect the lives and well-being. A discussion of the government - is mileyshee deal for anyone in our countries. And so, in order to limit the number of communicating, and was invented by a kitchen-closet 6 feet square. This is only a hypothesis, and yet I think she has the right to life.
But back to the interior design of your kitchen and you want to arrange.

A. The first thing you need to do for the future of the cozy interior of the kitchen - ask yourself the most important questions.

The design and interior cuisine influenced quite a number of factors.


What is the composition of the family?
You like solitude or take guests?
You usually have lunch in your own kitchen or separate dining room?
How much time do you spend in your own kitchen for cooking?
Do you love spending time with his family in the kitchen, and if so, how? Reading, watching TV, listening to music?
That is the answer to these questions will determine the design of the kitchen, and then the interior of the apartment. When properly selected, even a small kitchen design, it will serve you a warm place for conversations, receiving important guests, and sometimes even your office. And the family will love the kitchen just for the fact that everything is thought out.

Two. The second thing to note - the color. The color of the walls in the kitchen, kitchen furniture color and overall color of the kitchen.

The simplest thing you can do to visually enlarge the kitchen - choose the right color. Most often, the hostess asking: "how to choose the right color of the kitchen?"
Light colors make the interior design of a small kitchen or a cozy and quiet. But she had a kitchen will look bigger. If monochromatic light painting you are not satisfied, then there is the option to paint the opposite wall in a dark color.

If we talk about the colors that are used for decoration of walls, furniture and pictures in the kitchen, then:
Yellow is, of course, the color of the sun. He sets up on optimism, a sensation of heat.
Red - this is primarily the color of blood and fire, but also love. It causes a surge of strength, but the big impact of the color red can cause aggression. On the other hand, moderate amounts of red elements of a kitchen combined with a simple light colors look very good.
Blue - the color of the sea and sky, calming effect on a person, sets the internal harmony. Prolonged exposure to blue or blue color, even affect the decrease in heart rate. The room, couched in tones of blue light causes a feeling of coolness and even visually enhances it.
Green - the color of spring. Green did not tiring sight. They make a person much more balanced, increase efficiency.

Total, in order to determine which one to choose the color of the kitchen - you just need to figure out what time you want to spend and what they feel upset. The more specific you understand this - the better you will choose a color for the kitchen.

Three. It is important to choose for themselves the style cuisine

The style cuisine - a harmonious combination of each item of a kitchen with one another: kitchen wall to the ceiling, floor and walls, walls with the floor, kitchen wall in style with a dining suite. The combination of style in the design of the kitchen should be manifested not only in the harmony of colors and sizes, materials, and, most importantly, style.

According to most designers, the best styles are small kitchens: Japanese (nothing more), minimalism (less is better), Egypt (simplicity and subtlety of line, sand gamma), country (rural, rustic).
It is undesirable to use the style loft (requires a lot of space), Pop Art (glo colors). Although I am convinced that this is only an opinion and you need to experiment in your kitchen so that it is you want. Because the best style of cuisine - is the one that is comfortable to you.

4. Little secrets for the design of a kitchen

Below I will give you some secrets that will win the extra space and make the design even a small kitchen more ergonomic.
- Try to use the minimum possible number of household appliances and furniture: they are only "eats" and without this small area of ??your kitchen.
- Do not use a kitchen large or wide drawers. When you open them, they just block the movement and take a valuable kitchen space. In addition, they will hide pictures in the kitchen, which you hang on the walls.
- No clutter. The spacious hanging lockers, ample shelving and racks. It will solve the issue of all kitchen utensils.
- Living in the kitchen should choose a small or even tiny. This will make the design of the kitchen more comfortable.
- Avoid swinging doors in the cabinets, replace them with sliding. There is another option to keep open shelves.
- The use of mirrors for the wall design and glossy surface of the furniture visually increase the space of the kitchen.
- When buying a refrigerator in the first place, choose a high and narrow
- Pull-out table - a simple solution, but it is convenient for each family. For husbands, do not regret time and effort.
- Support for fruits and vegetables will help to forget about the bags and boxes on the floor.
- Try to set the bar as an alternative dining room table for a quick breakfast and unusual teas.
- To give the kitchen a more open view - do not place furniture near the doorways.

5.Samoe important, in my view - kitchen design with the correct accents. I mean the pictures for the kitchen.

I firmly believe that the best attract the attention of the picture. This is the best accent. This can be a big picture, appetizing. And as you know, a sense of appetite is always positive emotions, respectively, and the picture in the kitchen of their cause. This may be a few small pictures. But they must all be integrated.
After all, every one of us wants the kitchen was not only comfortable thought, but to her it was a feeling of warmth and comfort of home. And because the picture in the kitchen - the best female assistant to create a cozy kitchen.
Remember: The main objective picture for the kitchen, so that it not only fit into a kitchen, but at the same time uplifting, stimulates the appetite and create an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Below I give some advice on decorating the kitchen.
Since I did not draw the big picture, but rather a medium-sized and small, I'll describe this picture for the kitchen. So I'll call them.

Frame Image Kitchen
It is important to remember that an engraving or a picture to be inserted into the frame, and the appearance and width of the frame plays a very important role. Remember - for a small painting would be the optimal choice of narrow, neatly frames, and for the bright and colorful paintings are best to use a wide frame.

Create a frame for the picture and you can own. I am confident that the framework can be used for any improvised material. Although I am more inclined to use the purchased frames because of their accuracy and low prices. There is another option to antiramkami, when in fact the very framework and is not visible, but the picture looks well-groomed and beautiful.

Composition and harmony when you make a picture for the kitchen
For reflections on the composition and harmony - I will place the examples below. They are well-displayed images in a variety of style kitchens.









A similar pattern with scattered yellow quince - must add to your kitchen, even a little comfort and warmth ..
Grapes are always good for a country style kitchen ..


Wildflowers add your kitchen a good atmosphere of intimacy with nature ..
Picture-in pop art style fit for the modern kitchen interior design in the current style.


A bright bouquet of bright chair will connect with the overall design of high-tech kitchen.
A painting of a vase and roses painted in soothing colors, add your home interior atmosphere of the kitchen ..


Pictures kitchen with red apples - appetizing and attracts attention in a quiet interior of the kitchen.
A special painting and unusual colors for the kitchen is in the high-tech style.

Now do not lose popularity watercolor still lifes, which cause the appetite - this is a classic.
Traditionally, the issue is also a kitchen still life with images: fresh bread, rich with game table, other hunting trophies of juicy fruit.
In the East, from ancient times has been suggested that an image of dishes in the kitchen contributes to prosperity and wealth in the house. Well, if in fruits and vegetables in the picture is dominated by shades of red tones - your entire family will have an excellent appetite.

Pictures from the re-creation of flowers in the kitchen design will add a fresh room and make your kitchen cozy.

In a kitchen in the style of hi-tech minimalist or futuristic look will be good paintings and abstract paintings.

If you decide that you need in the kitchen landscape, it should be bright and filled with sunlight. It is very appropriate watercolor.

If you have a classic interior of the kitchen, then you will approach painting and drawing, or a classic approach - paintings, executed in the tradition of the Baroque, Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism, decorated in a chic wood and gilded frames.

If you are staying in the English interior of the kitchen, you can not do without the images of animals: horses, hunting dogs and hunting itself.

Pop art, colorful collages and posters - used in Scandinavian interior.
Here in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, often use small images for the kitchen to the topic of food, pictures of coffee.
I also met and began to use the theme itself is different dishes shown in the picture.
Very popular, in my opinion the Mediterranean cuisine in the picture.
Long ago, I started to draw a variety of recipes, expressed graphically. Recipe for some interesting dishes, from which flow salivating, cake or pie, I loved to depict in a strict sequence in the pictures - that for anything. More information you can look at my pictures for the kitchen here.
The techniques I use in my pictures in the kitchen:
pencil drawings, pictures, pens, watercolors, monotopiya, author technique, and even applique.
Watercolor paintings in recent years become one of my favorite techniques.
How to place a picture in the kitchen?
It is important to consider the placement of furniture. Too bad, if the picture is hanging very low or very high. Above the cabinets and shelves should not hang a picture - for it is too little space and very high. It is best to allocate space for a picture, for example, between the windows.
Well, remember that the best background for the picture - it's monotonous wall. If the color of the walls of an intensive - red, yellow, blue, green - he will be beautiful framed. On the wall colors peaceful picture will look very different and certainly will stand out a bright spot.

A few simple tips for the final design images for kitchen:

• iridescence destructive to the harmony.
• The number of colors you use in the design of the kitchen with light-colored curtains, furniture and other accessories may not exceed 5.
• A small nuances interior of your kitchen should be the most vivid and saturated colors.
By placing the emphasis both in your kitchen, you'll get an interesting and elegant interior.

I hope this article will help you find and choose the appropriate picture for the kitchen. I will be glad if I can help you design your kitchen. And I'll be doubly pleased if you could choose from my work for a suitable picture in the kitchen.
If you are interested in my products - please go and read about how I work in the "Shipping and payment." And also check out my latest pictures for the kitchen.


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Pictures for the kitchen or how to make the interior cozy.

Kitchen - one of the main core of rooms in our homes. A lot of time we spend on it. Because every woman wants the kitchen was well-planned and properly. And for the co...

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