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Pictures for the kitchen or how to make the interior cozy.

Kitchen - one of the main core of rooms in our homes. A lot of time we spend on it. Because every woman wants the kitchen was well-planned and properly. And for the co...

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About me

My name is Anastasia. I'm a designer and an artist.I'm doing different kinds of art- graphic arts, paiting,photography and web-design.And also doing bijouterie(or imitation jewelry),

which is presented here.Every thing is made by my hands with great pleasure and love.All adornments are unique.I will be glad if you find your adornment or painting here!

Website of the artist and designer Bagnenko Anastasia - a kind jewelry online store or even online store accessories.
You want to buy a brooch or jewelry with their hands, buy a necklace made of natural stones, ornaments on the neck, pictures in the kitchen, or a big picture of the room to your house was more comfortable? Now it's much easier to do in the shop Anastasia Bagnenko.

And if the standard online store you bought the jewelry ornaments and jewelry made in the factory, then on my site every thing is made with love! I have two recurring things. I always do just what I enjoy most.
On my site you will be spared from having to choose among a large number of different products.

Terms of delivery decorations are very simple:
- When you have found your desired product. Next to him is knopochka "to order". Once you submit an order for a short time I link to you, and we determine your jewelry or picture in the kitchen.

My shop is open throughout the Ukraine. When you order a product that suits you - we can deliver it anywhere in the Ukraine in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Kherson, Donetsk, Chernovtsy, Sumy, Kharkiv, Odessa, Simferopol and Lviv, Ternopil and Sevastopol, Kirovograd and Krivoi Rog, Mariupol or Uzhgorod, Zhitomir and Potlavu, Lugansk or Vinnitsa, Cherkassy and Rivne, Khmelnytsky and Berdyansk, Chernigov, Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Today, I develop three main areas: the neck ornaments, brooches, pictures in the kitchen.

A. first line: you can not only find, but also buy the beads on this site.
For a start - check out my tips on how to better pick up beads. Just 5 simple tips in the article "How to buy necklaces from natural stones or beads with their own hands?"
In his works, I always try to follow in the first place, not newfangled trends, and the inner instinct. With arts education and being an artist when I create a new necklace of stones, I always try to pick up the stones not only in color but the texture and the external perception.
All my jewelry - a necklace, created with his own hands. In each I put so much effort as I can. I can not allow myself to do low-quality costume jewelry: everything you see on my website created by me with all my heart. Also, you will not find anywhere beads, purchased from my website.
Decoration on the neck that you buy here - done properly and tastefully. You can see this on the catalog page.
I am glad that I can offer you to buy a necklace for my site.

Two. The second area - a brooch. You can buy a brooch on my website.
To do this you first need to read my article with the most important tips when buying a brooch brooches How to choose the fabric and how to buy a brooch?
The method by which I create brooches with his own hands - not a new one. It is also used by other artists. But I want to tell you that each brooch on my site is very individual. For several reasons:
- I pick up the fabric carefully. Given that almost every brooch consists of two or more kinds of tissue, I always try to find the best option combinations of color, density, and even the texture of cloth fabric.
- I'm looking for different combinations of beads, stones and fabric.
My brooches from fabric always add brightness to your clothes and personality.
I invite you to buy

Three. third direction - it is picture for the kitchen, which always improve the interior of your kitchen
Before you buy a picture in the kitchen, I suggest you read my article "Pictures for the kitchen or as a small kitchen to make the interior comfortable.". There, I detail exactly what is necessary to consider issues for the interior design kitchen.
Creating art for the interior of the kitchen - this is a very long process in my life. I paint with 10 years of age. And lately I've realized that if anything, and I want to draw, so this picture in the kitchen. Paintings and drawings have always attracted me. But when I got married, I had got the kitchen, which for so long wanted. And the interior of the kitchen - a question that conceived the utmost importance. And since I'm an artist by education - where do without pictures.
On the page in the directory I put only a small part of my work. Because most are already sold or donated to me. However, I am now very actively engaged in drawing pictures, so it is constantly updated.
I paint these pictures for kitchens that inspire me. I love the harmonious combination of the paper: the colors, lines, and even images. And because each painting is unique. On one I have a very delicious mint tea. On the other - the morning coffee, which I cook for my husband. In the third - a delicious breakfast, which I like.

Why do I believe that every woman needs a picture in the kitchen?
- Art is never repeated. Your kitchen, even if it's a small kitchen will never be boring. The picture in the kitchen will be a breath of freshness.
- Excites the appetite. Your husband, children, friends are always welcome to ask you a second helping, or even a cup of coffee. Should they just take a look at the wall. But each owner is nice when relatives ask for supplements.
- It is always nice - issue the design of the kitchen with his hands. It fascinates visitors. It brings joy to families. In the end it is - moral satisfaction for you.

And even this is not an online store or jewelry online store jewelry. But you liked the acquisition of images will be much easier because I will work with you to me.

In contrast to the online store my jewelry site has tangible benefits:
- Work is being done only individually
- Shipping is made within the period
- Order a product simply because he comes to my mail and I'll see him soon.
- I do not have the factory products, all done only individually
- I am interested in the goods to be like the same girls like me.

Thank you for coming to my site


2012 Bagnenko Anastasia.
Art & Bijou.
Design: by Bagnenko A.
web-studio Wezom